Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This computer honestly gets me through the day at work. Without it I'd be cut off and bored and most likely go stir crazy from not enough to do. Okay PLUS I'd have to do all my paperwork, accounting, billing, blah blah blah by hand and that would be a nightmare.

This computer takes me to the Internet where I can read and write and laugh and feel slightly more human than I do in my office. I don't have one at home so it makes it that much more special you know?

I am thankful for this computer.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ladies? I am SO thankful for Motrin, Tylenol and the like. Who came up with this stuff that makes my life bearable during my "visitor" time? Can I send them a Christmas card????

Seriously though, sometimes at the beginning of my visitor I get such gosh awful pains that if I don't get on them QUICK I will be reduced to a writhing mass of horridness begging to be put down like a horse. No lie, one time it was so bad I WANTED to go to the hospital and beg them to knock me out but I physically couldn't get out of bed.

Once I didn't have enough regular stuff in the house - only two Motrin and 1 Tylenol and ended up taking 12 aspirin in a couple of hours trying ANYTHING to make it stop. Eventually I passed out but when I woke up the next day I had buzzing in my ears and couldn't hear very well for a day or so. I imagine I came a tad too close to taking too many pills.

These days I've got it DOWN though and I know that as SOON as my visitor arrives if I start taking the recommended dose of Tylenol -BEFORE any pain - that I'll do just fine. Last week I forgot and woke up in the middle of the night from a nightmare that an animal was eating me to discover OOPS I forgot the Tylenol, but luckily had my emergency stash, took 4, writhed around for a bit and managed to get back to normal in a half hour.

Without simple pain killers like these I most likely wouldn't be the same person. I'd either go nuts or end up putting myself out of my misery.

SO!! I am super-extra-for-real-like-crazy- THANK FULL for whomever it was that made my life livable.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

C. Text messaged me the other day for NO REASON. We hardly ev-ver do it. He texted
"Hey beautiful, I Love You." That was it, short and sweet, but I was in the store and a tad stressed out and it really just all-of-a-sudden made my day.

To some his message might sound kind of blah overdone or lame but from HIM to ME it was great. I love him enough to know that he MEANS it and it's not just some cookie cutter crap he's pulling out of his ass. I love that I believe him.

Friday, October 12, 2007

OH HOW I LOVE THE FALL!!! I went ornamental gourd shopping yesterday. Ya know those little miniature pumpkin looking things and all of their variations?? So cute! And at 4/$1 they make my cheap heart sing!

I love going to the pumpkin patch and picking out WAY too many pumpkins.

I love carving pumpkins - yep I STILL buy the set with the little saws and scoop and picture guides - and ALWAYS choose the hardest picture to carve. Every year I remember anew how gross the inside of a pumpkin smells and get orange sticky stuff ALL over my kitchen. I bitch at myself for not choosing an easier pattern to carve because I always take an hour longer than whoever I'm with, but at the end do a happy dance cuz it looks cool and I know I've got ALL the skillz. ;)

I love that C. is willing to carve pumpkins with me.

I love that my Mom still carves pumpkins too :) and know that she's the one I've learned that it's ok to be a kid and carve pumpkins no matter HOW old you are. Did I mention that Halloween is our favorite holiday? #1 !

I love to drive around and see the trees after they've changed colors and I love the look of a big ole tree with only a few leaves left but the ground beneath blanketed in color.

I enjoy going to haunted house attractions WAY more than I should, and my Mom and Dad are my FAVORITE people to go with. My mom cuz she screams and runs away like a little girl and my Dad because he doesn't flinch even ONCE and usually just walks through all casual and chuckles to himself (freak.) This year will be C's first year going to a haunted house and I am SUPER geeked.

I love Cider and the fact that the weather isn't (supposed) to be 90 degrees anymore!
I love the very simple pleasures that I think come with getting older. Like the other night when I couldn't sleep - I got up instead of laying in bed all pissy and wretched and got out a darn good book I've been reading, sat down on the comfy soft couch and read my book, while munching on some good pumpkin seeds and sipping my homemade green tea. MMMmmmmm :)

Friday, September 7, 2007

I'm thankful that C. takes my sometimes too honest (whoops! I should have lied!) foot in mouth conversations quite well. In stride I guess some say.

I.E. Yesterday we were talking about him making cookies at the bakery and he was showing me the callouses on his hands from kneading the dough. I guess making cookies is like for real hard work - who friggen knew??

Anyways I mentioned that his muscles must be getting bigger and I asked him to do his little trick where he can move his pecks with out uh. moving er, well ya know like in the 80's how all the muscle guys would make their pecks dance by themselves? Gahh I hope you get it. Anyways he moved his little man pecks for me -I always ask him to do it because it kind of cracks me up, he gets to looking all concentrated and manly and it makes me laugh - PLUS it always ceases to amaze me that a guy with a good body would want to be with me and I'm proud of his little goofy peck dance.

Ok whatever, so he did his thing and I noticed that they really HAD gotten bigger after weeks of manual cookie making. One more reason to love cookies. The conversation ended up being something like this.

"Make your chi chi's move for chaquita"

"moves chi chi's"

"Eeeeee!! They got bigger and they move more!!"

"Does dthat make ju horny?" ( i think he was being serious?)
. . .

"No. I just think it's COOL!"

Whoops. Ah well he laughed at me and took it all in stride as usual and after like 30 seconds I came around and thought -oops. and proceeded to say "Wait, I mean YEEEEESSS of COURRSSE so horny. Oh papi so sexy." Of course I only made it to horny before I started busting up. But oh well I tried and he laughed.

I do the foot in mouth thing just about on the hour and I think he's came to the conclusion that I'm just an honest person. Thank goodness.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Ok well I take it back. My last post? I've decided that I LOVE it when they are gone for an afternoon. All week? Not so much. All week means I can't say "I'm sorry she's out of the office but will be back in the morning." All week means I get to flip my little gourd every time the phone rings.

Ah well. They surprised me by coming back earlier than planned and showed up today. I was SO FREAKING HAPPY!!! And then they announced that it looks like I've got a really good handle on things and that they don't even really need to be here. One of them was nice enough to say that she could retire now. I DO love praise, even over exaggerated praise from my bosses. I'll admit it made me happy. But dang it they weren't kidding, they stayed for a half hour and then all went home to take naps. Ah crap.

Ah well, I'm ok I just realized that they HAHAHA WIIILLL be back in the morning and I COULD revert to my "I'm sorry...back tommorow" speech. HA!

"OH Hap-py DAYS!" "Oh hap-py dayyyys!"

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Oh how I LOVE it that my bosses and all the sales guys I work with are gone for the rest of the day! And next week they'll all be gone till friday! Yippee!!! That leaves me in charge and with SOOO much less stress! How goofy is that I'm not sure. A lot more work but it feels easier not worrying about anyone standing over my shoulder.

Plus this is the beginning of our slower time of year and we sometimes have quite a lull mid-day. I'll be able to pull out a book, turn up my radio and actually take breaks!! Love LOVE it when my boss or bosses are gone. :) :)

Friday, August 24, 2007

I love C. so very much (duh) but sometimes he goes the extra mile, or 10 and it just flips me out all over again.

A couple of weeks ago he called me at work to tell me that he went to a moving sale at some for real rich persons house and that he got a couch and recliner for $150. He knows I've been looking around for something cheap but I didn't know he had been looking too. AND it was the exact kind that I wanted (the kind where the sections of the couch recline like a lazy-boy) plus they are super nice and way more than we could normally afford but the folks moving were in a hurry and just didn't give a crap about their worth. YES! Ohhhh man it's so nice to have a couch AND a chair (before we just had a couch) that aren't ghetto and hard and un-comfy.

Ok so that was great, and a couple of days ago I came home to find him mowing the lawn (yay i hate it) and he stopped to tell me that he did the oil in all the cars. Yay again. I went into the house and the dishes were done -super yay- and he came in after me. I was happy but not as happy as I'd like because I knew it was laundry night. Ack the wonderful trip where we drag all of our clothes to the ghetto wash. He went into the bedroom as I started putting dishes away and I asked him about his day. He mentioned that he only had a half day of work and I asked him what else he had been doing besides everything.

I was creeping back to our bedroom to see if I could catch im nekkid before he jumped in the shower and he was telling me that he had just sat around being lazy for a while. I POUNCED into our room to get him and smack his booty but stopped short because my brain registered something amiss. The laundry baskets were empty. Empty? Huh? Ohhhhhhhhhh I Geeeetttt ittttt. HE DID ALL THE LAUNDRY!!! YAAAAAYYYY!!! Instead of enjoying having a few hours off -for once- he took it upon himself to make MY few hours off work actually enjoyable instead of more dreaded work.

AND THEN! He mentioned that he went to a store near us that was having a sale on mattresses. I've been wanting a new mattress for MONTHS, but they are so expensive that I've been holding off. We've been looking everywhere for cheap stuff but they're always icky or lame or busted. Honestly HE doesn't care about the mattress, he says that he can't tell the difference between that and the floor and that he just doesn't mind or care. Ours is so crappy that it has a ghetto LEAN to it and if you sleep for more than 8 hours you get sore from the springs and lack of padding. No kidding. Talk about a bachelor pad - ack, boys. (actually he grew up really super poor and I don't think he ever HAD a mattress so that sort of explains that.)

So anyways we went to the store to check it out and was the pillow top kind that I've so SOOO wanted but didn't think we could get. AND it came with a bed frame!! ANNNNDDDD it was CHEAP, the lady had to get some stuff gone and was happy for us just to take it.

So now instead of a ghetto lean mattress on the floor we have a for real bed on a FRAME and it's so comfy I could just about die. He says that he can't tell the difference and he really didn't care but that he just wanted to make me happy. That's all, he just wants me to be happy.

I wonder if he has any idea how happy he makes me? I try my best to show it and tell him but I wonder if he REALLY knows?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I love the folks that comment on my blog posts. Ok not in a crazy stalker way, but I love that I'm blessed with quite a few insightful, funny, thoughtful and sometimes just plain off the wall folk that stop in to give their two cents. Not only because it means that people read my crap but HONESTLY because it feels like a little Christmas present every time I see a new one.

Sometimes it's a heartfelt me too or similar story to make me feel better and other times folks come out of the left field with something funny to add on. I LOVE it when people share their own experiences with the things I ramble on about! It makes for a wonderful sense of community when they share their own stories and often times shell out experienced advice.

And don't let me go without mentioning the KRAZY comments out of NO WHERE that just plain make me laugh.

Patti left me a joke on a post that I didn't notice was there for a couple of days and just happened to see this morning. It was hilarious and made me laugh and was just what I needed.

I love getting to know a little bit more every week about complete strangers that are becoming like friends to me. (oh god I know I'm such a super dork but I just can't help it)

So yeah, that's that, them commentin folks make my day, every day.

Monday, August 6, 2007

I love our local Mission Thrift store. This weekend I got two pair of almost new jeans for $4 a piece. One pair was old Navy and the other I've never heard of but they fit me in all the right spots and they are so pretty! (My goodness aren't we girlie today??)

The goodwill is O.K. but they are way more picked over. Why? No friggen clue but they ARE on the better side of town so maybe that's something. I'm sorry but not even the Ghetto is gonna keep me away from a deal.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I honestly love chocolate. What more needs said?

Ok maybe I'm thankful for some crazy ass thinking "Hmmmmm what will happen if I mix THIS weird bean with other shit???" However many hundreds of years late, I'd like to send that person a belated Thank You.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I love clicking through pictures of the "Running Man" project thing on the internet. The creativity astounds me. Ok ok and I like to laugh at the silly hippie people and the wack jobs and the goof balls and there's a lot of nekidness. But honest to goodness it makes me glad to see so many adults, and older adults out there doing and creating crazy shit. It reminds me of the stuff I used to make and see in highschool and I love to see that us oh-so-serious humans don't HAVE to grow out of that kind of inspiration.

Monday, July 9, 2007

I love -I can't believe it's not butter, SPRAY-. Perhaps a normal person wouldn't thing to devote and entire post to this but I happen to think it can only be a miracle created by God himself.

Growing up in a household where every molecule of food on and off my plate was SMOTHERED in Country Crock it was a bit of a shock to my system when I first started getting into calorie counting. SONOFABITCH that shit is evil.

But then came along the wonderful invention of the Zero Calorie, Zero fat, Zero Salt??? wtf?? In fact if you read the label is it 0 in every row. I don't understand how it tastes like a yummy melted sweet and salty butter concoction but it does and it keeps me from going insane.

Say HELLOO to my leeetle friaaands mr. spray. Steamed veggies, diet bread and anything else that my little heart desires. Thank the heavens above.
I LLOOOOVVVEEE Mexican food. Good lord it can't get any better than that.
Well, my Moms Thanksgiving meal of course is #1 but as far as TYPES of food. MMMMMMMMmmmmmm. I feel like I'm so lucky!! I've always had a love affair with mexican food but I sure as heck never imagined DATING a mexican man!

But the coolest thing EVER is that now I get to have my favorite food like anytime I want. And I've learned to cook it too! When we sit down for dinner I feel like I'm in a restaurant and it freaks me out and I get all happy and tell him over and over how lucky I am to have stumbled across him not only for the mushy love stuff but because I get good food now.

Now that I'm back on my psycho diet I've even figured out ways to make it actually bearable.
I make my brown rice into mexican rice by adding onion and jalapeno and this special mexican spice that turns it red and yummy. And for my recommended beans to be eaten I buy the store bought mexican kind with a bunch of spices in it that make it taste yummy without fat and stuff.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

I love this Mexican lady that comes to my work every Saturday and sells fresh HOT tamales.

C. loves tamales (duh) but they take an entire day to make so. . . yeah nope. So once in a while I buy a bunch from the lady and bring them home and he feels like I love and care about him and mushy shit like that. AND they're really good. AND I never feel guilty that he doesn't go without. (because eventually I would break down and make them for him becuase yeah all that mushy love shit but it would take a whole day!!! and fuuuhhhhhhkkk that)
K so I forgot a few days. Maybe I'll change my goal not to every day but to when I go "SHIT!! I need to write something!"

N-E ways. I freakin love air conditioning. Stoopid thing to post about? No.
Growing up I didn't even know that you could HAVE it in your home. My parents were ALL ABOUT having the doors opening and fans running. And still are. And it SUCKED to try and sleep during the summer. Ak I can still remember just laying there sweating. YUCK!

Luckily when I was 18 and moved in with my ass/ex one good thing about him was that he grew up with the knowledge of this magical think called air conditioning and introduced me to it. I've not been without since.

When C. and I moved in together and I found out he is one of those people like my parents I pretty much told him that I'd move right back out unless he gave in and let me buy one. Sometimes I still have to tell him to shut the jesus christ DOOR because it's running, but otherwise we're cool. (get it? double meaning?? Hee-Haw Yee-Haw Gufaw)

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

C. could have almost all of tommorow off but instead of taking it he is going to work from 1-10 so that the NEXT day he can get off early from his second job and we can go see the fireworks together in my hometown.

I told him that he is so insanely sweet but he said "No, it's not sweet, I'm just trying to make you happy."

? ? ? ? He honestly doesn't get it.

I'm not even sure how to explain how happy I am to have found him.

(gag I know but I made a disclaimer that this is going to be a happy place so I understand if people don't read it. I feel good just writing it.)

And that's that.

Monday, July 2, 2007

I love fireworks. I love to see them at night, yes how beautiful, but REALLY love to get the illegal ones from out of state and play with them myself. (Mi is L.A.M.E and only lets us have sparklers, fountains and snakes, (fucking snakes??? Really?))

N-E ways I live 30 min from the border to IN and they have a lot better shit than us. I guess I should say I love the trunk of my car as well, for concealing purposes.

It's fun as hell to blow up little shit just for the hell of it. OOOooo!! Like take an old butter bowl (you know like country crock?) take a gigantic firecracker (pretend m-80's) put it underneath, put a rock on top and PLUNK!! The bowl blows up. YAY! I'm amused for 30 seconds and now I'm running off to dig a hole in some dirt and well, blow up some dirt.

Ok so I'm amused quite easily but oh well at least I'm not into blowing up poor animals or buildings so there.
I love 72 degrees. The temperature. It's wonderful, you can go long sleeves or short, shorts or jeans and nobody looks at you funny. Sometimes on hot days I feel frumpy and don't want to show off my mega-super-ultra pale legs and I want to wear pants. And I do. And then people look at me like I'm a leper. Fuck-em I'm wearing my pants.

N-E ways, 72 degrees allows me go with where ever my mood swings me to dress, and once again, I love it.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

I love to read. So simple of a thing to say but not everyone is fortunate enough to have the chance or ability to learn. I'm thankful that I grew up in a place where I could get a decent education.

I am blessed to read as many dirty books as I want. :) Ok so I DO read stuff besides Jennifer Cruise and Tami Hoag. Like Stephen King and Dean Koontz. And about a gazillion crime thriller suspense books. Every once in a while I make myself read a classic or something that's supposed to expand my horizons. I guilt myself into it every time but I'm never really disappointed.

Last night C. went out with the boys to play pool and I stayed home just so I could read for about 4 hours strait. MMMmmmmm Love it. Summer time I'm really busy with work but winter brings those days when I can immerse myself in a book and finish it all in one day. LOVE THAT!!

Friday, June 29, 2007

I love my best friend Jaime. We met in kindergarten and she moved away but years later she came back and ever since - she's my #1.

She has been the ONE constant in my life. Troubles with Parents? There. Every shit ass relationship and man that came and went? There. Cars break, hearts break, family breaks, people betray, they leave. Jaime? There. She will be there when we're all old and craggy and still thinkin we're cool. And even though she'll think I'm a nutbag and she'll try not to, she'll laugh at me when I knock some young punk off his skateboard with my cane. Bitches stay off the sidewalk.

I hope and I think that C. and I have a forever love. I'm pretty damn sure of it in fact. But if something happens, god forbid, Jaime will be there. That's just the way it is. And I'll be there for her.

Jaybird, I miss you. Love you, Lindy.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

I love when it's stupid hot outside and a big storm comes in off the lake and takes it from 85 degrees to 65 in like 10 minutes.

It gets dark really quick and everybody gets worked up and starts talking about tornadoes. I can always smell the rain coming. I like to go outside and feel the wind pick up and wait for it to start to pour.

Then it starts to lightning and I get my scardey cat ass back inside.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I love my parents so much. It grows even more the older I get. You'd think that after 20 and some years that it would level off. But it doesn't because the older I get the more I have in common with them. I understand them more and we can talk like friends.

I love it so much I'm welling up just writing about it.
I love the world of blogging.
I love this song -
It should be the first one that plays when you go to the website. If they change it it's the "Hey there Delilah" song.

I love the part that goes:

"Our friends would all make fun of us
and we'll just laugh along becuase we know
That none of them have felt this way."

Because that's how much I love my Mexican.
I'm Love when I leave my arctic office and get into my insane oven of a car. My cold (happy to be cool don't get me wrong) body feels like it's baking when I get in. It feels kind of like when you're in a tanning bed. For like 4 minutes it's really relaxing and it makes me feel good.


I read a lot of negativity on the web - and I love a lot of it. But sometimes after reading yahoo news, reading depressed bloggers (that I honestly feel for), dealing with everyday hell, work shit and blah blah blah, it brings me down. See? It's dragging you down just reading about it.

So yeah, this is going to be my little hippie ass place to come and be happy and write short little diddy's about things that I love or am grateful for. I'm going to try and make a personal goal to write at least one thing every day. Yes, and then I'll go hug a tree or something, so whatever.