Friday, September 7, 2007

I'm thankful that C. takes my sometimes too honest (whoops! I should have lied!) foot in mouth conversations quite well. In stride I guess some say.

I.E. Yesterday we were talking about him making cookies at the bakery and he was showing me the callouses on his hands from kneading the dough. I guess making cookies is like for real hard work - who friggen knew??

Anyways I mentioned that his muscles must be getting bigger and I asked him to do his little trick where he can move his pecks with out uh. moving er, well ya know like in the 80's how all the muscle guys would make their pecks dance by themselves? Gahh I hope you get it. Anyways he moved his little man pecks for me -I always ask him to do it because it kind of cracks me up, he gets to looking all concentrated and manly and it makes me laugh - PLUS it always ceases to amaze me that a guy with a good body would want to be with me and I'm proud of his little goofy peck dance.

Ok whatever, so he did his thing and I noticed that they really HAD gotten bigger after weeks of manual cookie making. One more reason to love cookies. The conversation ended up being something like this.

"Make your chi chi's move for chaquita"

"moves chi chi's"

"Eeeeee!! They got bigger and they move more!!"

"Does dthat make ju horny?" ( i think he was being serious?)
. . .

"No. I just think it's COOL!"

Whoops. Ah well he laughed at me and took it all in stride as usual and after like 30 seconds I came around and thought -oops. and proceeded to say "Wait, I mean YEEEEESSS of COURRSSE so horny. Oh papi so sexy." Of course I only made it to horny before I started busting up. But oh well I tried and he laughed.

I do the foot in mouth thing just about on the hour and I think he's came to the conclusion that I'm just an honest person. Thank goodness.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Ok well I take it back. My last post? I've decided that I LOVE it when they are gone for an afternoon. All week? Not so much. All week means I can't say "I'm sorry she's out of the office but will be back in the morning." All week means I get to flip my little gourd every time the phone rings.

Ah well. They surprised me by coming back earlier than planned and showed up today. I was SO FREAKING HAPPY!!! And then they announced that it looks like I've got a really good handle on things and that they don't even really need to be here. One of them was nice enough to say that she could retire now. I DO love praise, even over exaggerated praise from my bosses. I'll admit it made me happy. But dang it they weren't kidding, they stayed for a half hour and then all went home to take naps. Ah crap.

Ah well, I'm ok I just realized that they HAHAHA WIIILLL be back in the morning and I COULD revert to my "I'm sorry...back tommorow" speech. HA!

"OH Hap-py DAYS!" "Oh hap-py dayyyys!"