Thursday, July 26, 2007

I honestly love chocolate. What more needs said?

Ok maybe I'm thankful for some crazy ass thinking "Hmmmmm what will happen if I mix THIS weird bean with other shit???" However many hundreds of years late, I'd like to send that person a belated Thank You.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I love clicking through pictures of the "Running Man" project thing on the internet. The creativity astounds me. Ok ok and I like to laugh at the silly hippie people and the wack jobs and the goof balls and there's a lot of nekidness. But honest to goodness it makes me glad to see so many adults, and older adults out there doing and creating crazy shit. It reminds me of the stuff I used to make and see in highschool and I love to see that us oh-so-serious humans don't HAVE to grow out of that kind of inspiration.

Monday, July 9, 2007

I love -I can't believe it's not butter, SPRAY-. Perhaps a normal person wouldn't thing to devote and entire post to this but I happen to think it can only be a miracle created by God himself.

Growing up in a household where every molecule of food on and off my plate was SMOTHERED in Country Crock it was a bit of a shock to my system when I first started getting into calorie counting. SONOFABITCH that shit is evil.

But then came along the wonderful invention of the Zero Calorie, Zero fat, Zero Salt??? wtf?? In fact if you read the label is it 0 in every row. I don't understand how it tastes like a yummy melted sweet and salty butter concoction but it does and it keeps me from going insane.

Say HELLOO to my leeetle friaaands mr. spray. Steamed veggies, diet bread and anything else that my little heart desires. Thank the heavens above.
I LLOOOOVVVEEE Mexican food. Good lord it can't get any better than that.
Well, my Moms Thanksgiving meal of course is #1 but as far as TYPES of food. MMMMMMMMmmmmmm. I feel like I'm so lucky!! I've always had a love affair with mexican food but I sure as heck never imagined DATING a mexican man!

But the coolest thing EVER is that now I get to have my favorite food like anytime I want. And I've learned to cook it too! When we sit down for dinner I feel like I'm in a restaurant and it freaks me out and I get all happy and tell him over and over how lucky I am to have stumbled across him not only for the mushy love stuff but because I get good food now.

Now that I'm back on my psycho diet I've even figured out ways to make it actually bearable.
I make my brown rice into mexican rice by adding onion and jalapeno and this special mexican spice that turns it red and yummy. And for my recommended beans to be eaten I buy the store bought mexican kind with a bunch of spices in it that make it taste yummy without fat and stuff.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

I love this Mexican lady that comes to my work every Saturday and sells fresh HOT tamales.

C. loves tamales (duh) but they take an entire day to make so. . . yeah nope. So once in a while I buy a bunch from the lady and bring them home and he feels like I love and care about him and mushy shit like that. AND they're really good. AND I never feel guilty that he doesn't go without. (because eventually I would break down and make them for him becuase yeah all that mushy love shit but it would take a whole day!!! and fuuuhhhhhhkkk that)
K so I forgot a few days. Maybe I'll change my goal not to every day but to when I go "SHIT!! I need to write something!"

N-E ways. I freakin love air conditioning. Stoopid thing to post about? No.
Growing up I didn't even know that you could HAVE it in your home. My parents were ALL ABOUT having the doors opening and fans running. And still are. And it SUCKED to try and sleep during the summer. Ak I can still remember just laying there sweating. YUCK!

Luckily when I was 18 and moved in with my ass/ex one good thing about him was that he grew up with the knowledge of this magical think called air conditioning and introduced me to it. I've not been without since.

When C. and I moved in together and I found out he is one of those people like my parents I pretty much told him that I'd move right back out unless he gave in and let me buy one. Sometimes I still have to tell him to shut the jesus christ DOOR because it's running, but otherwise we're cool. (get it? double meaning?? Hee-Haw Yee-Haw Gufaw)

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

C. could have almost all of tommorow off but instead of taking it he is going to work from 1-10 so that the NEXT day he can get off early from his second job and we can go see the fireworks together in my hometown.

I told him that he is so insanely sweet but he said "No, it's not sweet, I'm just trying to make you happy."

? ? ? ? He honestly doesn't get it.

I'm not even sure how to explain how happy I am to have found him.

(gag I know but I made a disclaimer that this is going to be a happy place so I understand if people don't read it. I feel good just writing it.)

And that's that.

Monday, July 2, 2007

I love fireworks. I love to see them at night, yes how beautiful, but REALLY love to get the illegal ones from out of state and play with them myself. (Mi is L.A.M.E and only lets us have sparklers, fountains and snakes, (fucking snakes??? Really?))

N-E ways I live 30 min from the border to IN and they have a lot better shit than us. I guess I should say I love the trunk of my car as well, for concealing purposes.

It's fun as hell to blow up little shit just for the hell of it. OOOooo!! Like take an old butter bowl (you know like country crock?) take a gigantic firecracker (pretend m-80's) put it underneath, put a rock on top and PLUNK!! The bowl blows up. YAY! I'm amused for 30 seconds and now I'm running off to dig a hole in some dirt and well, blow up some dirt.

Ok so I'm amused quite easily but oh well at least I'm not into blowing up poor animals or buildings so there.
I love 72 degrees. The temperature. It's wonderful, you can go long sleeves or short, shorts or jeans and nobody looks at you funny. Sometimes on hot days I feel frumpy and don't want to show off my mega-super-ultra pale legs and I want to wear pants. And I do. And then people look at me like I'm a leper. Fuck-em I'm wearing my pants.

N-E ways, 72 degrees allows me go with where ever my mood swings me to dress, and once again, I love it.