Thursday, August 30, 2007

Oh how I LOVE it that my bosses and all the sales guys I work with are gone for the rest of the day! And next week they'll all be gone till friday! Yippee!!! That leaves me in charge and with SOOO much less stress! How goofy is that I'm not sure. A lot more work but it feels easier not worrying about anyone standing over my shoulder.

Plus this is the beginning of our slower time of year and we sometimes have quite a lull mid-day. I'll be able to pull out a book, turn up my radio and actually take breaks!! Love LOVE it when my boss or bosses are gone. :) :)

Friday, August 24, 2007

I love C. so very much (duh) but sometimes he goes the extra mile, or 10 and it just flips me out all over again.

A couple of weeks ago he called me at work to tell me that he went to a moving sale at some for real rich persons house and that he got a couch and recliner for $150. He knows I've been looking around for something cheap but I didn't know he had been looking too. AND it was the exact kind that I wanted (the kind where the sections of the couch recline like a lazy-boy) plus they are super nice and way more than we could normally afford but the folks moving were in a hurry and just didn't give a crap about their worth. YES! Ohhhh man it's so nice to have a couch AND a chair (before we just had a couch) that aren't ghetto and hard and un-comfy.

Ok so that was great, and a couple of days ago I came home to find him mowing the lawn (yay i hate it) and he stopped to tell me that he did the oil in all the cars. Yay again. I went into the house and the dishes were done -super yay- and he came in after me. I was happy but not as happy as I'd like because I knew it was laundry night. Ack the wonderful trip where we drag all of our clothes to the ghetto wash. He went into the bedroom as I started putting dishes away and I asked him about his day. He mentioned that he only had a half day of work and I asked him what else he had been doing besides everything.

I was creeping back to our bedroom to see if I could catch im nekkid before he jumped in the shower and he was telling me that he had just sat around being lazy for a while. I POUNCED into our room to get him and smack his booty but stopped short because my brain registered something amiss. The laundry baskets were empty. Empty? Huh? Ohhhhhhhhhh I Geeeetttt ittttt. HE DID ALL THE LAUNDRY!!! YAAAAAYYYY!!! Instead of enjoying having a few hours off -for once- he took it upon himself to make MY few hours off work actually enjoyable instead of more dreaded work.

AND THEN! He mentioned that he went to a store near us that was having a sale on mattresses. I've been wanting a new mattress for MONTHS, but they are so expensive that I've been holding off. We've been looking everywhere for cheap stuff but they're always icky or lame or busted. Honestly HE doesn't care about the mattress, he says that he can't tell the difference between that and the floor and that he just doesn't mind or care. Ours is so crappy that it has a ghetto LEAN to it and if you sleep for more than 8 hours you get sore from the springs and lack of padding. No kidding. Talk about a bachelor pad - ack, boys. (actually he grew up really super poor and I don't think he ever HAD a mattress so that sort of explains that.)

So anyways we went to the store to check it out and was the pillow top kind that I've so SOOO wanted but didn't think we could get. AND it came with a bed frame!! ANNNNDDDD it was CHEAP, the lady had to get some stuff gone and was happy for us just to take it.

So now instead of a ghetto lean mattress on the floor we have a for real bed on a FRAME and it's so comfy I could just about die. He says that he can't tell the difference and he really didn't care but that he just wanted to make me happy. That's all, he just wants me to be happy.

I wonder if he has any idea how happy he makes me? I try my best to show it and tell him but I wonder if he REALLY knows?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I love the folks that comment on my blog posts. Ok not in a crazy stalker way, but I love that I'm blessed with quite a few insightful, funny, thoughtful and sometimes just plain off the wall folk that stop in to give their two cents. Not only because it means that people read my crap but HONESTLY because it feels like a little Christmas present every time I see a new one.

Sometimes it's a heartfelt me too or similar story to make me feel better and other times folks come out of the left field with something funny to add on. I LOVE it when people share their own experiences with the things I ramble on about! It makes for a wonderful sense of community when they share their own stories and often times shell out experienced advice.

And don't let me go without mentioning the KRAZY comments out of NO WHERE that just plain make me laugh.

Patti left me a joke on a post that I didn't notice was there for a couple of days and just happened to see this morning. It was hilarious and made me laugh and was just what I needed.

I love getting to know a little bit more every week about complete strangers that are becoming like friends to me. (oh god I know I'm such a super dork but I just can't help it)

So yeah, that's that, them commentin folks make my day, every day.

Monday, August 6, 2007

I love our local Mission Thrift store. This weekend I got two pair of almost new jeans for $4 a piece. One pair was old Navy and the other I've never heard of but they fit me in all the right spots and they are so pretty! (My goodness aren't we girlie today??)

The goodwill is O.K. but they are way more picked over. Why? No friggen clue but they ARE on the better side of town so maybe that's something. I'm sorry but not even the Ghetto is gonna keep me away from a deal.