Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This computer honestly gets me through the day at work. Without it I'd be cut off and bored and most likely go stir crazy from not enough to do. Okay PLUS I'd have to do all my paperwork, accounting, billing, blah blah blah by hand and that would be a nightmare.

This computer takes me to the Internet where I can read and write and laugh and feel slightly more human than I do in my office. I don't have one at home so it makes it that much more special you know?

I am thankful for this computer.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ladies? I am SO thankful for Motrin, Tylenol and the like. Who came up with this stuff that makes my life bearable during my "visitor" time? Can I send them a Christmas card????

Seriously though, sometimes at the beginning of my visitor I get such gosh awful pains that if I don't get on them QUICK I will be reduced to a writhing mass of horridness begging to be put down like a horse. No lie, one time it was so bad I WANTED to go to the hospital and beg them to knock me out but I physically couldn't get out of bed.

Once I didn't have enough regular stuff in the house - only two Motrin and 1 Tylenol and ended up taking 12 aspirin in a couple of hours trying ANYTHING to make it stop. Eventually I passed out but when I woke up the next day I had buzzing in my ears and couldn't hear very well for a day or so. I imagine I came a tad too close to taking too many pills.

These days I've got it DOWN though and I know that as SOON as my visitor arrives if I start taking the recommended dose of Tylenol -BEFORE any pain - that I'll do just fine. Last week I forgot and woke up in the middle of the night from a nightmare that an animal was eating me to discover OOPS I forgot the Tylenol, but luckily had my emergency stash, took 4, writhed around for a bit and managed to get back to normal in a half hour.

Without simple pain killers like these I most likely wouldn't be the same person. I'd either go nuts or end up putting myself out of my misery.

SO!! I am super-extra-for-real-like-crazy- THANK FULL for whomever it was that made my life livable.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

C. Text messaged me the other day for NO REASON. We hardly ev-ver do it. He texted
"Hey beautiful, I Love You." That was it, short and sweet, but I was in the store and a tad stressed out and it really just all-of-a-sudden made my day.

To some his message might sound kind of blah overdone or lame but from HIM to ME it was great. I love him enough to know that he MEANS it and it's not just some cookie cutter crap he's pulling out of his ass. I love that I believe him.

Friday, October 12, 2007

OH HOW I LOVE THE FALL!!! I went ornamental gourd shopping yesterday. Ya know those little miniature pumpkin looking things and all of their variations?? So cute! And at 4/$1 they make my cheap heart sing!

I love going to the pumpkin patch and picking out WAY too many pumpkins.

I love carving pumpkins - yep I STILL buy the set with the little saws and scoop and picture guides - and ALWAYS choose the hardest picture to carve. Every year I remember anew how gross the inside of a pumpkin smells and get orange sticky stuff ALL over my kitchen. I bitch at myself for not choosing an easier pattern to carve because I always take an hour longer than whoever I'm with, but at the end do a happy dance cuz it looks cool and I know I've got ALL the skillz. ;)

I love that C. is willing to carve pumpkins with me.

I love that my Mom still carves pumpkins too :) and know that she's the one I've learned that it's ok to be a kid and carve pumpkins no matter HOW old you are. Did I mention that Halloween is our favorite holiday? #1 !

I love to drive around and see the trees after they've changed colors and I love the look of a big ole tree with only a few leaves left but the ground beneath blanketed in color.

I enjoy going to haunted house attractions WAY more than I should, and my Mom and Dad are my FAVORITE people to go with. My mom cuz she screams and runs away like a little girl and my Dad because he doesn't flinch even ONCE and usually just walks through all casual and chuckles to himself (freak.) This year will be C's first year going to a haunted house and I am SUPER geeked.

I love Cider and the fact that the weather isn't (supposed) to be 90 degrees anymore!
I love the very simple pleasures that I think come with getting older. Like the other night when I couldn't sleep - I got up instead of laying in bed all pissy and wretched and got out a darn good book I've been reading, sat down on the comfy soft couch and read my book, while munching on some good pumpkin seeds and sipping my homemade green tea. MMMmmmmm :)